Full Circle


Zulimar Guajardo

Full Circle

By: Zulimar Guajardo

Full circle has to do with drugs and money. The movie begins with a young boy who was shot and was being rushed to the hospital and his friends are there with him. The main character of this movie is named Anthoni.

This movie is pretty funny but a bit weird. I don’t think it was a good movie, i feel like it could’ve been better. Throughout the whole movie it’s about it young guy who takes money that he found from some drug dealers that were dead in a apartment while he was delivering pizza. The main character Anthoni was trying to get revenge because they killed his best friend when he was supposed to be the one to get killed but the killer confused them. The authors purpose was to say that what goes around comes back around and I think he did a good job by showing that because at the end the killer gets killed but the whole wasn’t good overall. I feel like some parts could of been better portrayed.  

This story was a bit weird. It has to do with these two young guys living in bad neighborhood and their neighborhood is controlled by a drug lord and he kills anyone who takes his money or messes with him. The moral of the story is that what you do ends up coming back for you. I would give this movie a 2 out of 5. I don’t think it’s worth someone’s time to watch. I wouldn’t recommend this movie because to me it’s not funny and it didn’t have a purpose.