Pin Down, Pinpoint Victory!


Lesley Cazares


MLA Wrestling match at Marine Leadership Academy took place on December 20th, 2016 where Phoenix Military Academy took center stage and had a clean sweep against various military schools.

As PMA made their appearance at Marine Leadership Academy, a long time rival, their bouts consisted of challenging opponents but nonetheless successful victories.

Competing in front of spectators is not easy as our wrestlers battle not only their opponents but their anxiety as well. In order to prepare for each wrestling match, the wrestlers undergo an intense workout routine that ensures their preparation for future bouts.

“We usually run for 30 min as a warm up; occasionally we lift weights for a couple hours instead of running. After that we get on the mats and learn some new moves, we practice them, and then we get a partner and do live-go’s for 1-2 min; then, we get a new partner and repeat,” said senior wrestling captain Isaac Novoa.

Although the wrestlers undergo an intense workout routine they prepare themselves more than just physically.

“My coach is Mr. Dan Curin. He prepares us very well before a match, both physically and mentally,” said Novoa.

The Phoenix Military Academy Wrestling team has been around for various years, and although many of its previous participants had won titles or trophies that identified their personal successes, a match like the ones PMA had won at Marine Leadership Academy does more than identify a single individual as a winner. Similarly, this win was more than significant to all of the wrestlers.

“If the whole team wins, it means that we worked hard during practice. To the school, this means we are the wrestling champions of the military academies… To me, the wrestling team is my family,” said Novoa.