No Man’s Sky

Matthew Wilbourn-Trotter

No Man’s Sky is an open world game. Actually to put it into perspective it’s an open universe. Yes, the entire universe is yours to explore, and cultivate. No Man’s Sky is based on four basic pillars exploration, survival, combat, and trading. All of these form the basis of what the games driving forces are. Also the game features three game play selections to chose from normal, survival, and creative. Normal is the original game play of the game free range exploration, simple trading, bountiful resources, and regularly exhaustible functions. Survival is extreme paced. Your resources are always in the red and hard to replenish. Everything is out to kill you in some way you have little to no friends in the entire universe. Creative mode is the most relaxed of all three. Creative mode focuses solely on what you can make. You have no cost of living everything you own is paid for in full, or easily and readily accessible for at a moment’s notice. All three are suited to everyone, who purchases the games, playing style and playing pace.

The game has also experienced updates. The latest has been 1.17 it changes how much more you can do and access in the game. You can now hire and fire alien friends that you meet. Also for extra storage and resource help buy a space freighter. Freighters are the traveling storage you can beckon upon in any star system, and store or remove stock when  you please. Hello Games, the games developer, has said there are more updates in the future to further expand and enhance game play. No dates have been given

In the month of my game play. Playing both the raw and updated versions, and playing in all game modes. The game has grown, but needs more growth before it can be known as what it was first thought of. The Greatest Game of a Generation.

3/5 Stars.