Why No Jeans Ruin Out Of Uniform


Alejandro Flores

Since the arrival of  Maj. Stampley, the out of uniform policies have taken a huge turn. She does not allow jeans in Phoenix Military Academy because they are not appropriate for the school’s attire. This has caused many issues with the students, but they seem to be solved with detentions. Also, with the new policies that CPS set about no selling food during school, this fundraiser event is really the best way to make the programs money.

Pinto is a senior  at Phoenix Military Academy and is directly affected by this policy. Pinto believes that since students are not allowed to wear jeans, then he would rather come in uniform. This has no impacts on the school but there are with the programs that require the money. The students’ participation is key to keeping the programs in the school running smoothly.

“I think the no jeans policy was a bad idea because students don’t want to wear the black or khaki pants. Also, students won’t raise money for the school. I was planning to come out of uniform but now that the policy changed I don’t think i’m going to do so,”said  Pinto.

The previous school year, Phoenix did not have any uniform policy. On  May 6th, 2016, the journalism team made $627. After the policy was set on December 22nd, 2016, the journalism team made $118. The Journalism team’s  fundraiser income has declined by $509.

“I believe that the no jeans policy was set because students would always wear tight jeans, which were never allowed. It is a fair policy,” said  Pinto.

Pinto believes that the policy is fair. The students were first allowed to wear jeans, but most of the times they would wear tight ones. Which was never allowed in the first place. Also, he believes that the policy set is fair because the students deserved it.  

“I don’t think that it’s a good policy because students won’t pay to come out of uniform if they have to wear khaki pants,” said Pinto.

Although this policy is fair to him, he doesn’t believe that it is a good one. He said that if the students are required to wear khaki pants rather than jeans, then they wouldn’t want to waste their money. It would be just like a normal day; the only difference would be the shirt they wear.