Time to get your vote on!


Abraham Sanchez

Time to get your vote on!

By: Abraham Sanchez

On November 8, 2016 it was the presidential election for the 45th president. It was a battle to the death, metaphorically, between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Not only was this a history election, but this gave the chance to millennials to make an impact and vote.

Phoenix Military Academy had a couple of cadets that voted in this year’s election. The students that were eligible to vote knew the importance of their vote and many were encouraged by the staff of Phoenix to get their vote on, one of these students being Senior Erik Bernabe.

“It felt good to vote in this election because it was more than an election. It was about our country’s future and electing someone right to lead us.” said senior Bernabe.

In this year’s election, millennials were a target by both presidential candidates. It was said by the media that millennials would make a big impact in this year’s election. Since this was Bernabe’s first time voting, he didn’t really know how he and his demographic would make a difference.

“As a millennial, I really don’t think my demographic made a difference because there was a lot of change going into this election.” said Bernabe.

After the election, there is hope that millennial will understand and continue to vote so their voices could be heard.

“I will vote next election although it’s not in another 4 years but I will vote and hopefully it will have 2 better candidates than this election.” said Bernabe.

Who ever won this election, not everyone would be satisfied with the outcome.