This War of Mine: Little Ones

This War of Mine: Little Ones

Jose Gonzalez

This War of Mine is a game about survival. You have to figure out how to survive for 50 days. You have to now know how to contribute food for your three characters. When I started playing this game it took me a couple of tries to finally figure things out. You have to understand how much food you can waste in a day. You also have to keep the home safe. This is because invaders break into the house to steal supplies. This game involves so much thinking in using and creating supplies to keep everyone safe.

The game gives you the option to start with three different kind of characters. Each character has a different ability. They go from good scavenger, good cook or a silent scavenger. Once you have selected your three characters you go around your house scavenging for supplies. This will help you start off your day. Once you have created certain things such as a stove and a bed. You can check how much food you have and you give food to the character if they are asking for . After finishing the day, it becomes night. At night time you are given different places to go. Some places are more dangerous than others. At night you go to the certain area and you begin to scavenge for supplies that you can create or scavenge for food. You have to be careful because most areas have people and if they catch you, they try to kill you. They give you a certain time to scavenge at night before the time ends and then you go back home.

I started to play the game two days after it was released for free on PS4. I played survivor mode which allowed me to select a group of three characters. I couldn’t figure it out at first but soon I got the hang of it. I had to take harsh decisions to survive. Food became a big problem later in the game. Soon the weather became a problem. I needed to find more supplies to create heaters. My characters were starting to starve and things became a lot harder. Even though this game is pretty hard it is a challenge.


5/5 stars.