Hicks Edges Control


Donecia Blount

Laying your edges is a major key in finishing your overall look. This could be for a night out in town or to a fancy dinner party, where you have been dying to wear that high, sleek bun you saw in the magazine. Depending on your hair type you have to be pick the product that best fits your hairstyle, while still being affordable.

Usually most edge controls range from $4-7 dollars at most beauty supplies. Some of you may be familiar with edge control products like Argan Oil, which  usually comes in a  red tube. Also, olive oil that comes in a  green tube. The problem that most people face with these two brands is once you apply, your hair gets greasy.  This is something you don’t want to happen when you use these products because the idea is to keep your edges laid down and smooth. When the hair becomes greasy, it makes the hair rise up, which defeats the purpose.

I recently purchased Hick’s Edge Control  because I saw many reviews and peers told me that it worked. I purchased this product at my local beauty supply for $12. This product is more expensive than other products.

 It has a clear, thick gel like consistency, and the smell isn’t bad. The label says that this product is to promote hair growth and lay edges. It also says that the pomade is non greasy. Which is a good thing, right? WRONG! After using this product for the first time, my edges were laid for only three  minutes before becoming greasy. Than I  applied a little more product  and put a scarf on. I  thought this was necessary when using this product. After  removing my scarf,  my hair was greasy and sticky. I would not recommend this product to anyone; it is a waste of money.

Overall, I  rate this product on a scale of  1-5 a 2.