Girls Bowling


Elizabeth Sotelo

Girls Bowling

By: Elizabeth Sotelo

Asport at Phoenix Military Academy that isn’t out there much is girls bowling. The girls have been doing a really good job over the years with pushing the team forward in their current season. They have been winning most of the games. Not many girls join the sport and  those who are in the team enjoy it very much.

“ I joined bowling because I find it fun and I wanted to join a sport. It’s fun and I’m happy that I joined,” said senior Jackie Valadez

The girls bowling team encourages other girls in Phoenix to join the team, even though they will have to wait until next year to do so.

“Unfortunately it’s too late for girls to join the bowling team because the season has started already so it’d be too late,” said Valadez.

The best part about becoming part of this team is that you’ll get to meet new people and create new connections with others.

“I like how the girls in our team are really supportive, if we see a girl is not doing so well we encourage her to do better” said senior Mayra Barrios.

There is always something that most teammates dislike but still deal with it whether it’s a big problem or something small or simple. Here’s what one of the girls dislikes.

“I would change the fact that our games are on Mondays because we get out early and we have a lot extra time before our games start, other than that I like my teammates and the ways we meet for practice,” said Valadez.

Even though the team dislike having games on Mondays, the team still sticks together when it comes to supporting and getting along with each other.