Mario Run


Esteban Pinto

Super Mario Run is the first video game app that Nintendo has Developed and published for IOS and Android devices. The video game app is only available for IOS but it plans to release the app for Android devices sometime this year. The Video game is ad free and has beautiful graphics compared to other game apps.  

The game video game apps is very simple that anyone can play it and get addicted to the app. The objective of the video game app is to get mario, or other character, across the map while avoiding obstacles. Mario automatically run left to right and jump small obstacles. However. The player has to tap the screen in order to make mario jump higher and clear large obstacles.

Super Mario Run has a total of 24 stage which are divided into 6 stage. The first stage is completely free while the other 5 stage have to be purchased for 10 dollars.  After purchasing the rest of the level, I was able to pass the 24 level in less than two hours.

I was highly addicted to the game yet once I finished the game that was it. The app does offer other options to keep playing yet they are not as exciting as the main game.Overall, I think I would rate Super Mario Run 5/10. Super Mario Run is an incredible video game app yet it has to make improvement in order to be worth 10 dollars.