Alumni Day 2016


Ryan Sanchez, Editor

On the Thursday, December 22nd, Phoenix Military Academy had its annual alumni day.  Over 50 former students returned to PMA to give helpful advice about future plans such as college and jobs.  The event took place in the gym and auditorium.  Many students agree that that information given to them was very valuable.

The entire junior and senior class went to either the auditorium or gymnasium. Alumni who were in college, graduated college, did not go to college, work, or are in the military attended the event. They shared  their words of wisdom and the students eagerly listened and asked questions.

“Some of the information given was very valuable.  I was thinking of not going to college right after high school and take a break. Now I know I have to go to college right away and then get a job,” said junior Cynthia Rosales.

After hearing what the alumni had to say, Rosales changed her plans for her future. She clearly gained information that will put her on the path to success.

Other students found what the alumni said to be new and eye opening. Senior Jose Gonzalez gained new insight about possibly joining the military after high school.

“I am thinking about my future plans and routes. Now I consider the option of joining the military. Since I do not like school, I feel as if that is a better option for me,” said Gonzalez.

All of the students who attended the event can agree that the information the alumni gave was key to one’s future.  Now students have an idea of what life after high school is like and they now have new options for their future.