Sophomore year

Sophomore year can be the most stressful year of all.

Jose Gonzalez is a sophomore at Phoenix Military Academy who enjoys photography and hopes to pursue a career in photography.  

Transition from freshman to sophomore year Gonzalez had a challenge on how to balance school work.

“One of the main challenges is keeping myself together because sometimes I get lazy and I do not do my work but I will overcome it by telling myself to overcome my challenges so I can become successful,” said Gonzalez.

Many sophomores do not know what career they will like to pursue in college, however Gonzalez already knows that he will like to do photography.

“ In five years I see myself in Columbia College and studying Photography, “said Gonzalez.

Being in high school for two more years can seem like a long time but it will actually go by really fast, which is why Gonzalez is already planning to work harder on his grades.

“ For the next two years of my high school career I’m planning to work harder and get good grades so I can graduate with good grades and a good GPA,” said Gonzalez.