Lesley Cazares

In the early 1920’s young Walt Disney developed what was the origin of Disney’s long professed legacy. With an animation studio and his crafty artistic skills, Walt was able to create a lifelong memory that still lives on today. His trademark, Disney, led to a variety of children’s movies, also enjoyed by teens, that provide more than entertainment. A prime example is a current movie produced by Walt Disney animation studios: Moana. This movie is overall inspirational and truly moving.

The headstrong, independent, and adventurous, Moana is the daughter of a chief in the village of Motunui who is indebted with the responsibility of becoming the Chief. Moana in essence would be the person others look to in times of trouble. As Moana befriends the ocean at a young age, her destiny is presented to her as the ocean gives her the heart of Tafiti: a sacred stone said to have the power to create life. Moana continuously finds herself drawn to the ocean, and as she ages, she tries to discover who she really is. With the help of her grandmother, Moana is able to discover that her people are descended from voyagers who sought new lands through the sea. With her recent discovery, Moana is yet indebted with a plague that has struck her island, and despite her father’s opposition to sail the ocean, she begins her journey with the help of a demigod to return the heart of Tafiti so her island could be saved.

Amongst her journey, Moana remembers her grandmother and the purpose of her voyage, she understands that meeting Maui will be a challenge yet she nonetheless must prevail. As she traverses the vast and raging ocean, she and Maui, encounter unforgiving dangers, yet Moana demonstrates courage and perseverance until she finally reaches Tafiti.

Overall the movie is inspirational and exemplary to children, and even teenagers. Moana demonstrates courage, integrity, and perseverance, serving as an example to children who think they cannot be powerful. I’d rate this 5 out of 5 stars for its animation, setting, and moral.