Lights Out

Zulimar Guajardo

Lights Out is a story of a family who sees a  shadow but only in the dark. The shadow affects one person in the family who is mentally ill and needs help. I personally liked this movie because it was short and it had an interesting story.

In the beginning of Lights Out, the father of the young boy is killed when something appears in the dark. The demon that appears in the dark is an old friend of the man’s wife when they were younger. The demon had died and now haunts the wife by harming her family. This monster is jealous of the people close to the wife because she wants her all to herself. The people affected by the demon are the children. The children also see this monster and are scared of it. The sister experienced the same thing when she was little but now it is worse as the little boy  goes through it. The reason why the demon haunts the women is because the women feels responsible of the death of the demon and the demon knows this, and therefore, takes advantage. It is later known that the demon has a name and it’s defeated.  

This movie is great because it was creative and pieced together very well. It’s not like other movies where they have no meaning or the viewer is unable to understand completely. This movie is really clear but I wish it would’ve been scarier. I rate this movie a 3 out of 5.