Will the Cubs Actually Win the World Series?

David Cortez

After 71 years, the Chicago Cubs have finally made it to the World Series to play against the Cleveland Indians. Many fans are hoping that the “curse” on the Cubs is finally going to be broken this year. Last night they faced the Indians, who had a 3-2 lead, for Game 6. They managed to beat them 9-3, tying the series 3-3 and are now heading into Game 7 which determines it all.

Last night’s game started off very good for the Cubs by scoring 3 points in the 1st inning. The Cub’s 3rd batter, Kris Bryant, got the points started by hitting a homerun to left field. With bases loaded, Addison Russell hit a pop up into right field, but Tyler Naquin and Lonnie Chisenhall dropped the ball thinking that the other was going to catch it causing the Cubs to score another 2 points. Later in the 3rd inning, Josh Tomlin, of the Cleveland Indians,  gave up many hits and eventually got the bases loaded causing the manager to pull him out and replace him with Dan Otero. Russell came to the plate again and hit a grand slam giving the Cubs a 7-0 lead. To end the scoring streak, Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run home run leaving the final score to be 9-3.

Overall, the game was very enjoyable (at least for the Cub’s fans) but it was clear that the Indians were not playing to their full potential. They were making many errors and did not get many hits, but hopefully they improve their teamwork in order to give the Cubs a bigger challenge next game. I would rate this game 3 out of 5 stars because of the lack of effort from the Indians, but it was still a good game from a Chicago fan’s point of view.