Supreme FW16 Final Drop


Francisco Franco

Supreme New York is a street wear skating/clothing brand. They are easily the most hyped street wear brand in the fashion industry currently. The brand was first founded in 1994. They are  famous for their red box logo, but they are also very well known for their multiple collaborations with other brands, artists, celebrities and even restaurants. Unlike other fashion brands, who release their new collections all at once, Supreme drops a small amount of pieces at a time.

This week Supreme collaborated with world-respected photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. Araki, Japanese native born in 1940, manages to capture an instantly recognizable valiant aesthetic while incorporating a sense of erotica. “Kinbaku”, the Japanese art of bondage, has been apart of Araki’s photos and thus made him one of the most intriguing contemporary artists of our time.

The collaboration features a hooded sweatshirt, long-sleeve T-shirt and short-sleeve T-shirt, and a limited edition zine which features Araki’s original photography with model Kiko Mizuhara. A zine is a collection of photographs in a little book.

I have an equal love for fashion and photography, so I am extremely pleased with this week’s drop. The piece that I wish to purchase would be the pink long-sleeve T-shirt. The piece is baby pink that says Supreme on the front, and it features one of Araki’s photos on the back.

For everyone who enjoys both streetwear and contemporary art, the pieces in this collaboration will give you great aesthetic pleasure.

On a scale of 1-5, this drop is a 5. These pieces are unique and contain amazing work from Araki.