New Sheriff In Town

Salvador Gonzalez

With a new school year, came a new colonel for Phoenix Military Academy. Everyone welcomed her with a big “hooah” to make her feel like home. Although some cadets miss our last Colonel, there’s nothing that can be done to bring him back.

“I wish he stayed for our last year,” said senior Eduardo Macedonio. He thought that Colonel Harris he would be a better fit for us.

In his opinion, colonel Harris let us have a “little more freedom.” He doesn’t agree with the new policies that Major Stampley created.

Apparently he’s not the only one that believes that Major Stampley over did the school rules.

“It feels like we’re actually in the army” said senior Kevin Estrada.

Cadet Estrada also believes that these rules put too much stress on these young kids.

Estrada also said that the Major was giving out detentions for small infraction which isn’t right. He believes that she should first let us off with a warning and then hand out a detention.  

Major Stampley created three categories of violations. Group one would get you a detention, group two gets you two, and group three gets you three detentions and maybe a suspension.

“All of this is done for a reason and that’s to discipline the cadets because after all this is a military academy” said senior Abraham Sanchez.

He doesn’t fully agree or disagree but he knows that she punishes students to put them straight.

Many students said that if it was up to them, the school wouldn’t be as strict as it is with Major Stampley. Some say that they would change or just tweak the rules a bit so that kids can enjoy high school.

Although Estrada said that Stampley “ruined our reputation of having good kids by handing about 50 detentions in almost 3 weeks,” others think that it “sets the students up to fix themselves before they graduate.”

All in all, the coming of our new Colonel caused some drama. The students will eventually get used to the rules and play by them in order to avoid detentions.

Phoenix Military Academy is in for a big change. Let’s hope that everything works out so that problems get resolved in no time.