More Than One Responsibility

More Than One Responsibility

Yareli Soto

At Phoenix Military Academy, many senior students are getting jobs in order to start saving money for when they go to college next year.

Students may struggle with having to go to school and attend work, due to their many responsibilities. There is a lot of conflict when it comes to working a late shift and then having to come home and complete the workload of homework that is due the next day.

Whenever I have to go to work I try doing my homework before so in case I have to close, I don’t sleep so late. Overall, I don’t like the idea of having to do homework and working,” said Senior Lesley Cazares.

There are many detriments to working such as students not getting enough time for themselves or having enough time to catch up on their responsibilities, yet it’s a different experience and an opportunity  to make money. Students have to manage their time, but this may be a great way to learn how to be organized and responsible.

“What I don’t like is that I’m always tired, yet I don’t regret it, it’s fun and helps manage my time,” said Senior Diego Reyna.

Having a job while in High School teaches students  how to manage their time between school and work. However, learning these skills while in High School is beneficial since time management plays a big role while one is in college. Gaining these skills early on is a great advantage in order for students to be prepared to enter the college life.

“I get less sleep and don’t have time to be with my family, but having a job made a difference in my house, since I am able to help with bills,” said Cazares.

While a student is able to help in the household, financially, it is a start to learning responsibility. However, students also learn how to manage money so that in the future, they know how to spend their earnings wisely.