Meet Ismael Eumana the Boxer

Meet Ismael Eumana the Boxer

Many students don’t know senior Ismael Eumana or his true passion. Some people may not know that he’s a  great boxer and that he has won six  fights.

“ I started boxing at the age 13. I never took it seriously until I turned  15 and had my own  personal trainer, he trained me for a whole year. His name was Donald,” said Eumana.

Eumana is a great boxer and a friendly guy.

“My father and uncle were the ones who inspired me to join boxing,” said Eumana.

When Eumana realized he had a passion for boxing, he started to train every day to become a better fighter.

“The first time I entered the ring I felt panic-stricken, the feeling I felt was fear.I wouldn’t purse boxing as a career because it takes a lot of dedication and it’s a lot of physical pain at the end of the day,” said Eumana.

There are a lot of things that you may not know about the person next to you in class, but now you know Eumana is a boxer outside of school.