La Haciendita is just Around the Corner


Alejandro Flores

La Haciendita is located on 47th and S. Christiana Avenue. This is a restaurant that focuses on Mexican food. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have tasted the tacos, enchiladas and chilaquiles.  I give this restaurant a 4/5 because the tacos they serve could be much better.

I found that the tacos with chorizo and steak were too small for their price. Also, they weren’t that good, I thought that the meat was overcooked and very dry. I give these a 3/5.

On the other hand, the chilaquiles they served me were 10/10. The chilaquiles are fried tortillas mixed with salsa. They come along with beans, rice, potatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and some cheese on the top.

Also, the enchiladas they offer are amazing. Enchiladas are basically the same thing as a taco, but the tortilla is dipped in hot oil, then into salsa, and finally wrapped around chicken or cheese. They come with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, and a slice of orange. I guarantee that this is the best Mexican breakfast you could find in the South Side.