Gift Ideas for a Friend

Veronica Perez

Gift Ideas for a Friend

By: Veronica Perez

Every year when Christmas comes, we all want to gift all our friends a gift. It is a very stressful time for some of us because sometimes you want to have a chance to give a friend a gift but you might not know what to give them or what how much to spend on a friend

Senior Mariana Martinez said she “would give them something inexpensive or something I made myself. If all fails I will write them a note and give them a sweater or some type of clothing.”

Although giving your friend a gift is a very nice thing to do, sometimes the gift you get them might not be something they want or  need.However sometimes, you might not know how much money is a reasonable amount to spend on a friend.   

Francisco Franco suggested that a good amount of money to spend would be “$10 to $30 depending on the gift and the friend.”

Which essentially means that if you have the money and time to spend on someone, for all means go for it. However if you plan on getting something for multiple people you might what to spend an equal amount on all of them, So what happens if you will dont know wat to give a friend?

When asking senior Elizabeth Sotelo what she would do she responded with ”I would give my friend a gift card “ if she really did not know what to get her friends.

Now the question that most of us still don’t know how to answer is, what would you give a friend that is the opposite gender ?

In the case of senior Matthew Wilburn, he said he would “try to make it personal and not too weird, but if it comes to weird just ask someone who knows them best, you’ll do fine”

Mariana Martinez said she would “probably give them something simple, like a gift card to their favorite place. Regardless if they’re the opposite gender they’re your friends and you should know what they like.”

Lastly, senior Joshua Martinez suggested to give “something that smells nice, a decorative, little stuffed animal.”

At the end of the day, Christmas is about spending time with those who you love and care for. Materialistic things should not really matter much in your friendship. After all, gifts were not the reason why you became friends with your friend in the first place… I hope.