Scholarship Information Session

Elizabeth Sotelo

Chicago Public Schools and the City Colleges of Chicago collaborated and created an event for incoming college freshmen at DePaul University. This fair was about scholarships. There were many representatives from colleges that had scholarship information. Many of the requirements were to have a 3.0 GPA and at least a 17 on the ACT in order to have more opportunities offered to them and a parent as well.

At this information session there was many seniors with their parents looking for college money. College is expensive and many seniors are on the hunt for these scholarship opportunities. The most appealing scholarship to the seniors was the STAR scholarship. The STAR scholarship comes from the City Colleges of Chicago.  Many seniors like this scholarship because it pays for your tuition and your books at any city college  After you’re done with two years at city college, students may transfer to a university and may qualify for another scholarship, but they will need to stay at  a 2.0 GPA to keep the scholarship.

Seniors need to attend these sessions in order to get more money for college since many aren’t able to pay for college.