What’s the Work?

Fabian Patino

Every sport has a special workout, usually for technique, other times it’s for focus on something else. Unbenounced to many people outside that exact sport, the workouts often isolate and focus on strengthening key muscle groups. At this point, it’s about figuring out which team sport has the right workout for people that want what that sport delivers. The most common sports to look at are raiders, football, and wrestling, as they are some of the most demanding sports in the school.
With a sport like raiders, all their exercises are technique based as their sport is nothing but endurance and strength testing. The workouts mostly involve a lot of push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, and military style routines.
Isaac Novoa is a cadet who has done raiders for all four years of high school, and has used the time in raiders to prepare him for his time in the National Guard.
“We work out 2 days a week for about 45 minutes” said Novoa.
Nonetheless, these short workouts often drive the participants to what they call, muscle failure. Short, but high intensity workouts push raiders to build muscle, and hone their style when it comes to doing a perfect push up.
Ignoring technique for the most part, wrestling focuses on building raw mass and strengthening core, thighs, and neck muscles. Depending on weight class, body fat maximization or minimization also play into the workouts.
Sofia Valencia is a senior and has been in wrestling for three seasons now. She personally believes wrestling is one of the best sports to stay in shape.
“We workout everyday of the week- usually for 2 hours with the team, and on my own for 30 minutes” said Valencia.
A lot of discipline is also needed to control eating habits and maintain a diet. Wrestlers must control their calorie intake so stay in their designated weight class.
“We need to keep a certain diet because we need to stay in shape. But it’s hard because of the season we’re in” said Valencia.
Football involves a lot of power focus, so naturally the workouts are intense and for bulk. Focusing on shoulders, neck, chest, and legs for power and contact, football players also use high calorie intake diets.
Jose Zavala has been an offensive lineman on the school football for all four years of high school. For him, football is a way to build muscle and stay in shape.
“We work on our neck, shoulders, arms, and legs… all for when we tackle other people” said Zavala.
Football has extraordinary health benefits for the players that are truly dedicated to it, like Zavala. Several players might not look like the ideal body type, but they fit the position the play perfectly.
“I might not look like it, but I’m more fit than most people at PMA” said Zavala.