Nyx Cosmic Metal Lipsticks


Donecia Blount


This new creamy, metallic, and pigmented lip cream is worth your money. Nyx has recently added Cosmic Metal Lip Creams to its growing list of products. If you didn’t already know, Nyx is a quite famous makeup brand. It’s known for its variety of products and creative colors and pigmentation. Their products are at very affordable prices.

The Beauty in a Bottle is only $7.50 and it is worth every penny. When applying the Cosmic Metal Lip Cream to your lips, it gives you a dazzling metallic shine with a creamy finish. It isn’t Matte. Matte is also a go-to product of mine, however, it is very dry and it cracks which isn’t very pretty. This product is currently sold out on their website, Nyxcosmetics.com, but if you hurry you can catch it at Ulta beauty the store.

The lip cream is perfect for any event and it compliments any skin tone. I would rate this product a 5 out of 5.

Nyx Cosmic Metal Lipstick at Ulta