New Tech, New Goals

Joshlynn Murphy

Donors Choose is an organization, where public school teachers can request materials for their classrooms, and different people donates towards it. On December 13, 2016 Katie Comeford, a journalism teacher at Phoenix Military Academy, had her projector funded for a new projector and screen for her journalism class. She’s very excited about getting a new projector that hangs from the ceiling. After break, it will arrive and be installed.

“The projector that I have is not the greatest. I also share it with other teachers whenever they need it. So being able to have my own projector is wonderful,” said Ms. Comeford.

Not only did Ms. Comeford request for a new projector, but the writing teacher Ms. Hickman, also had her projector funded through Donors Choose.

The first $500, that were raised, were from people that Ms. Comeford knew. The other $2,000 was from a person who saw the request through Donors Choose and felt generous and donated towards Ms. Comeford’s projector.

Your program sounds terrific. Looking forward to your update and how these resources have helped,” said Judy and Al, the donors from Donors Choose.