Esteban Pinto

Machismo has two meaning; the first one is the ideology that men are superior to women. The second meaning of machismo is a strong or aggressive masculine pride. Nevertheless, both of the meanings are negative towards women. The word Machismo derives from the spanish word macho. Many people consider machismo being part of the Mexican culture.

“Yes, whenever my uncle tells my cousin that she needs to learn how to cook, clean, and all those ‘feminine’ things in order to take care of her future husband,” said senior Alejandro Flores.

Over the years, humanity has made great advances of being opened minded of religion, race, and same sex marriage. However, machismo is something that still exists today. The word machismo was used in the 60s by feminist to describe male aggression. The females have been affected greatly with the ideology of machismo. The first being, women are payed less than men for only being a women. Second being that women are criticized if they choose certain job such as a mechanic, pilot, doctor, or in business. These are a few consciences of the ideology of machismo.  

“As a female I have to work harder than a male because some people believe that women are not capable to do certain thing that man do,” said senior Joselyn Valerio.  

The machismo ideology is not only a believe that men have but also women. Over the years machismo has also been engraved in women.

“Machismo is something that keep holding back society,” said  Flores.
Machismo still exist but it’s something that is gradually going away, however, as a society we have to address the ideology of machismo. Men should be taught that women are capable to achieve the same thing they can, and that they don’t belong in the kitchen.