Free Condoms for Everyone?

Valentin Fernandez

At Phoenix Military Academy there are plenty of clubs and groups that help the school. One of the most helpful clubs is the Student Voice Committee, which helps students voice their opinions and spread awareness of  issues that affect students.

“There is no voice, no cadet can say anything without a sergeant trying to get us in trouble or saying we are wrong,” said senior Brahim Aich.

The leader of SVC, Brahim Aich, has pointed out all the problems in the school and is trying to solve those problems through SVC. A major project that SVC is working on is getting free condoms for cadets. The main cadets focusing on this project are senior cadet, Jacquelin Peralta, Mariana Martinez, and Jonathan Balthazar.

“I feel giving away free condoms will influence safe sex to those that are sexually active. Safe sex prevents the likelihood of pregnancies which makes it extremely beneficial,” said senior David Marroquin.

SVC has done small but beneficial things for the school, such as getting dividers for the stalls in the boy bathrooms. SVC is also working on getting the bus stop in front of the school turned into express. These small changes  can make a big difference in school because if it wasn’t for SVC none of these problems would be brought up to the staff.