Are you bored with the school curriculum?

Destiny Taylor

Image result for students bored at school;Students are bored in school. When was the last time students had hands on training in the classroom? Do schools still offer experiments for the science classes?

Senior Yarmese Townsend attends Phoenix Military Academy. She takes the needed courses to graduate but she wants to learn more things that will be beneficial to her in the real world.


As a highschool student you are being prepared for college. The workload can be stressful. Most schools only offer the basic needed arithmetic which are essential to college. However college is preparing you for a lifetime. Highschool should be that stepping stone in preparing students for life after high school.


Townsend said, “ I get bored in school, I don’t really look forward to school everyday. If Phoenix offered classes like culinary arts, cosmetology or dance I will enjoy coming to school because I know I will be prepared for my major and I will be able to receive a license upon graduation.”


Students prefer to take classes that will be beneficial to them.


Townsend said,“ I would prefer more CTE classes. I would also like to take classes like wood shop, Home Ec etc. Those classes will help me in life after college.”


Many students can’t sit down in a class listening to teachers teach They prefer hands on training or even just moving around and not sitting all day.


Students are falling behind in school, or just bored with the curriculum. Everyone has their own perspective on school.  The students are the future. Schools need to appeal to the interest of the children so they can look forward to school everyday and later college.