Sephora Collection False Eyelashes: Are They Worth It?

Cinthia Bustos

False eyelashes can be used to create dramatic eye looks, as well as to create natural, yet flirty looks. When buying false lashes, it is most beneficial to purchase lashes that are inexpensive, yet strong withhold multiple uses.

When I saw the Sephora Collection Lashes, in style Fierce #33, it seemed as if they would be worth the $10 they cost because the lashes were very full, dramatic, and did not look all that fake. Another good thing about these lashes was that they came with their own lash glue, which is something that most inexpensive lashes fail to include.

All good things aside, after removing the lashes from the package, they completely lost their shape. The lashes were very stiff, unmanageable, and difficult to get them to stay on. In addition, the band was way too thick which was the major reason as to why the lashes could not stay on. A band that is too thick can also make the lashes appear too fake, which is not something people feel comfortable wearing.

The lashes came with their own glue which is something that should be highly appreciated. However, the lashes are really not worthwhile. I would suggest purchasing lashes from drugstore brands such as Ardell. These lashes are of great quality and range from $3-$5 depending on what style you’re looking to buy, and with $7 you can get two pairs of lashes, lash glue, and a lash applicator! Even though the Sephora Collection Lashes were not all that expensive, they were definitely not worth the buy. Overall, I would rate these lashes a 2 out of 5.