FIFA Tournament at Phoenix

FIFA Tournament at Phoenix

Joshlynn Murphy

On Friday, December 16, there will be a gaming tournament playing FIFA. Journalism editors Jose Gonzalez and Christian Gutierrez, planned this event as a fundraiser for Phoenix Military Academy’s yearbook. This event is open to both, boys and girls, and it will be $3 to play. The winner will win something special, which has yet to be announced!

FIFA is an organization that organizes all types of soccer. They are capable to attract million of viewers in tv and in the stadium. FIFA is something that catches people’s attention and they are able to have fun during this event and does not include violence.

“The way you can have fun playing it with your friends and not be entertained by violence,” said senior Michael Bahena.

A lot of students are excited about being able to have this chance to play the game at school and actually go against people for a prize.

“I am excited of having the game event at school. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend because of detention,” said senior Alejandro Pina.

Even though some students might not attend this event, they are still open to it and have their own opinions on it.

“Yes it’s pretty cool because Phoenix hardly does anything like this. It’s cool for people who love playing video games,” said Bahena.

Overall, students think this event might be a success. A lot of students are interested in a game tournament, especially at Phoenix. They feel as if they don’t get a chance to have a lot of free time, so now they are able to play games in school.

“It should be a success because many of my friends love to play FIFA and the winner would get a prize so it’s a win win,” said Bahena.

The winner will win something special!  Students are hoping its something valuable while others aren’t to excited about the gift. They just want to have a good time with their fellow classmates.

I would expect to be congratulated and given a prize from like a pool. Whether it is money or just a congratulations, it would be cool to win,” said Pina.