Pokemon is a New Game

Brianna Concepcion

Pokemon Go is a new game that promotes weight loss if the game is played often while walking to real world locations to catch Pokemon. Pokemon Go is a free app that allows people to hang out with friends and might help end obesity. Pokemon Go allows players to live the life of a Pokemon trainer.

In Pokemon Go players are  able to catch Pokemon while exploring neighborhoods and  communities. It is a  brilliant game  that a lot of people are having a great time playing. Sadly, the game  has a range of poor design choices lack of character  characteristics , technical issues, and security risks. This is an issue because the game often crashes and there are security risk because of hackers.   

Everywhere you go, people on the street are playing Pokemon Go. People approach each other smiling and talking about strategies and collections while promoting weight loss. These little things outweigh the imperfections that the game has. People have gotten  hurt and  robbed while playing the game,  but overall this game has many  benefits.

With Pokemon Go you do a lot of walking and your physical activity increases. You also get more fresh air and this could your improve health. It is very educational to catch Pokemon and use Pokeballs because while doing that you get to see places that include landmarks and more. Pokemon Go  allows people to have  adventures  that many long for. My rating for the game is 4 out of 5 stars.