Volleyball Season 2016-2017

Mariana Martinez

Phoenix girls volleyball season started in early August 2016. The girls varsity had their last game on Monday, October 24th, to Rauner High School. The captain of the girls volleyball team is junior Cristina Maldonado,with has been playing volleyball since her freshman year. For her, this season  has been an amazing season, since there are memorable things that she thinks should be recognized.

“This has been a very memorable season and I will miss being on the girl’s volleyball team since I have been in it since Freshman Year,” said junior Lesley Delgado.

One of the most important steps to be successful in Volleyball is working with your team. If someone is struggling, other team members can help one another.

“Our teamwork is well done, we are always trying to help others who have trouble at a certain type of play or move,” said  Maldonado.

For the volleyball girls, playing in a game can be exciting and very nerve wrecking. One of the main thing to look forward to when it comes to playing for a game is winning one.

“What excites me the most is that the whole team is giving their all and are pumped and ready. Winning is important but what really is important is playing as a team which then makes us win. That’s how I know we won,” said Maldonado.