Personality Leads to Success

Personality Leads to Success

Diana Guerrero

This December senior Samuel Ferguson from Phoenix Military Academy was selected to attend the final round interview for the Posse Scholarship.  He was competing against other students throughout various high schools in Chicago.  Ferguson received a phone call from the admission representatives from Pomona College the night of his final round interview telling him that he was officially chosen as a Posse Scholar for the full tuition scholarship at one of the top schools in California: Pomona College.

Ferguson described the moment as full of excitement, accomplishment, and a blessing.  Although it was a competitive scholarship, Ferguson didn’t describe it as one.  Instead, he described it as a challenge to reaching his life vision.  With this accomplishment, he said that it took a lot of effort and work to get to where he is today.  High kudos were given to the PMA staff, his friends, family and all of those who supported him throughout his years of hard work.

“I never held myself back because no matter how much of a stretch things may be, if I don’t go for what I want then eventually I’m the one holding myself back,”  said Ferguson.

He explained how an individual’s personality allows them to stand out. The students at the final round interview were described as brilliant when it came to academics. However, he was able to shine through his unique personality. With courage, openness, and confidence he was willing to stand out and open up about his background to the college admission representatives from Pomona.  

“Telling my personal story to the admission representatives allowed me to distinguish myself from all of the other applicants. Aside from my academics, opening up about personal background allowed the admission representatives from Pomona to grasp who I truly am and how my background has shaped me into the individual I am currently,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson’s motivation came from previous cadets before him who he aspired to be like because of what they have accomplished. Inspired by those who were accomplishing their goals, he always tried to sell himself academically and socially which eventually lead him to win the scholarship.

I hope people can look up to me and set an example to motivate and be a positive influence to others to reach their aspirations, ”

— Samuel Ferguson

This accomplishment leaves Ferguson with the desire to achieve more. He plans to keep challenging himself and putting himself in a positive spotlight to attain success.