Me Before You

Gisel Saucedo


Me Before You is directed by Thea Sharrock and written by Jojo Moyes. The movie is a drama/ romance film that is based on a young lady who gets a new job as a caregiver for a for  a young man who was paralyzed fr

om a motorcycle accident. Louisa Clark and Will Traynor grow a deep bond when Louisa starts showing Will there is more to living life.

The movie started with a flashback of Will on his way to work on a rainy day as he was crossing the street when he was hit by a motorcycle. He was a outgoing person before the accident but after the accident he was  paralyzed from his neck down. He turns into a bitter, serious person. Twenty six year old Louisa gets  the job as a caregiver after her previous job as a waitress in a bakery  closed down.

After Louisa starts her new job her as a caregiver for Will their relationship is a little dysfunctional due to his bitterness from  to his accident. Things get worse after Will’s ex girlfriend Alicia and his best friend William invite him to their wedding. Louisa starts talking to him and he becomes more open minded about attending the wedding. After the wedding  Louisa and Will start growing a special bond.

Before Will met Louisa he had made a commitment with Digitas. Digitas is a suicide organization. Will had made a plan to end his life in six months because he couldn’t bare to live his life  in a wheelchair. Louisa tries to show him there’s more to life and starts taking him on trips. Their last trip was to island of Mauritius. During that trip Louisa confess to Will that she knows about ending his life and tells him that she loves him. Will tells her that they have spent good moments together but he does not want to keep living his life in a wheelchair. After returning home from the trip Louisa quits her job as Will’s caretaker because she could not  bare to be with him knowing he was going to end his life.

The movie has a surprising ending. It has a turning point that you usually don’t see in romance films.