Hispanic Food in Gage Park


This weekend I went to a Mexican restaurant in the Gage Park area the restaurant’s name is “Restaurant Amatepec Estado de Mexico” located at 3143 W 51st St, Chicago, IL 60632, the main streets are 51 St & Kedzie.

One of the main reason for which I went there was because a lot of students were taking about the place and I decided to go.

At first sight it does not seem pleasing but the reasons why people go to the restaurant but the main attraction would be the tortas,

At the restaurant, the tortas are are the the size of a footlong. I really did not measure them, but they were pretty big compared to other places that sell tortas.

The torta was not that bad, I had mine de Milanesa and it was not that bad but because of the size, I was not able to finish it. Milanesa is a type of fried breaded piece of chicken.

The environment was very calm. You mostly see families going there and just having a good time.

The price of the food was also not that bad. For a party of 4 people you will probably spend about $30 to $40 to which is not that bad compared to other places in which you spend $60. Sometimes, the quantity of food given at other restaurants doesn’t fill you up at all.

Overall I would rate the restaurant  a 3 out of 5 stars just because the inside of the restaurant is not that nice, but it did not have bad food and the price was not that bad either.