First PMA Brotherhood Meeting

First PMA Brotherhood Meeting

Frankie Franco

On October 28th, the PMA brotherhood had its first official meeting by gathering in Sgt. Gilliam room to kick off the year. Brotherhood is a student led organization in which upperclassmen mentor underclassmen throughout the school year. Brotherhood teaches and discusses leadership skills, health issues, and it also helps foster a brother-type relationship within the club. In addition to the many freshmen who showed up to the first meeting, there were many returning upperclassmen.

“Me and the other leaders gave an insight to the group and what we expect from them this year” Said senior leader David Marroquin

Some of the things that the leaders expect from everyone in Brotherhood are leadership, good grades, and  support to everyone in the group. Brotherhood also does fun activities with the members to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

The activities we did were fun and it really helped everyone feel comfortable,” said Marroquin.

Brotherhood is a second home for its members. The leaders hope to push every member to their full potential in everything they do. Whether it be sports or academics, brotherhood gives their members that moral support that everyone needs.

“I want people to truly find their identity and be able to develop into great individuals,” said Marroquin.

For those interested in joining Brotherhood,  talk to one of the Brotherhood leaders or Ms. T.