Cutting In Line Is Not Cool!

Cutting In Line Is Not Cool!

David Cortez


At Phoenix Military Academy, there are many students who come extra early to school in order to be in front of the line to enter. Some students have programs before school, so it is understandable for them to go through security first, but, in most cases, students will become impatient when it is time for everyone to go in and decide to cut in front of the line. It is not fair that many students cut in front of the line while everyone is patiently waiting.

“We should have better security guards and put more people to supervise the line. It gets crowded and they start pushing,” said junior Edwin Genchi.

The people who are at door duty do not say anything to the people who are moving up to the front with no legitimate reason. Since most students are doing it, the front of the line can get very crowded and they end up pushing each other out of impatience. The students at door duty should send the people to the back of the line instead of just letting them move up.

“I get hungry, then when I can’t eat I get mad and it affects my morning,” said Genchi.

Some people expect to go through security quickly in order to have enough time to eat breakfast, but this cannot happen unless something is done about the security lines.

“It gets me irked and angry because people think that they have special benefits and therefore get to cut,” said junior Alondra Quiroz.

Students get angry when people cut in front of them and obviously the ones who are cutting do not care. Even if something is said, it doesn’t stop people from cutting unless it is coming from an authority. Something should be done as soon as possible for the sake of many students.