The Hidden Reality of Racism in America

The Hidden Reality of Racism in America

Fabian Patino

The nation lays divided, one part cheers, one part cries, and almost all are in shock. In wake of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was voted  president-elect by the electoral college, the country lies in awe.

Republican nominee Donald Trump won the election by being the first to receive 276 votes from the electoral college, even though Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly one million votes.

With a campaign based with a rhetoric discriminating Muslims, Mexicans, Women, and other minorities, many individuals fear for what the future may hold for a nation under Trump.

An undocumented student who wished to remain anonymous has expressed significant negative sentiment over the idea of the Trump presidential administration. To undocumented individuals, having Donald Trump brings more negative sentiment to the racism they have already seen.

“I have seen racial slurs being said about  my own race. We have failed by not standing together to fight racism,” said the source.

This fear and distraught is more than skin deep, as some caucasian adults see this presidency as an opportunity for individuals to justify racism and prejudice in America. Ms. Meghan Tristano is a STEM Coordinator at Phoenix Military Academy and is personally terrified with the outcome of this election.

“It was shocking, I didn’t know what was happening,then it hit me, and I cried,” said Tristano.

Though Tristano is white, she, like many other non-minority individuals, are highly distraught by the uncertainty of future and how it will affect the people they know.

“I come here and I get to know the future of this country, that’s how I view the students here, and I know we have undocumented students. You cannot blanket statement anybody or any group of people, it’s not right, and he does that. I think I’m the most scared for them, because truly, what is in their future, we don’t know,” said Tristano.

No matter whether if you are for or against trump, white or black, believe he is racist or not, this election will forever be a part of history, and he will certainly have a lasting impression on the future of the U.S.