Phoenix at Risk

Phoenix at Risk

Fabian Patino

Phoenix Military Academy is known as one of Chicago’s top high schools, but students still face crime and danger outside of the school doors every single day. In the past years, multiple students and alumni have been mugged, often within extreme proximity of the school.

Senior Emanuel Ruiz was robbed last year after school by a man with a gun while he walked to the bus.

“A man approached me and asked me if I was in a gang. I realized what was going on regardless of the fact that I don’t take part in any gang activity. He then went on to demand  my phone while having his hand inside his coat around his waist making me believe he had a weapon,” said Ruiz.

While the number of muggings has had gone down this year, in comparison to previous years, the school year is still young and students continue to fear for their safety around the school. Many students take precautions to prevent robberies from happening.

“Well personally I try not to talk with my phone out in my hand for other people to see and I also try not to have my earphones on listening to music,” said Ruiz.

For a school that is ranked eighth in the state of Illinois, a number of Phoenix students still fear for their well being when they leave school.