Freshman Fallout Platoon

Yareli Soto

The Freshman fallout platoon is known for punishing underclassmen who violate the uniform with demerits. In the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, 1st SGT Gilliam created a separate platoon, which sophomore Jeffrey Ren is in charge of. The fallout platoon was created a year ago, and will be used by freshmen companies for upcoming years.

“Specific cadets that are always in this platoon are cadets that did not follow the guidelines and regulations proposed to them once they entered the school with multiple offenses. We take quick  action to this behavior for repeat offenders’,” said Ren.
This fallout platoon is to help the underclassmen prevent further uniform violations. Although there are punishments, such as demerits, some cadets do not mind going to this platoon.
“The known punishment for having a uniform violation or being tardy is push ups. Although I agree with this form of punishment, I also give them more of a morale booster, as an eye opener,” said Ren.

Beyond  punishing cadets with demerits and physical consequences, the upperclassmen running the platoon also give cadets advice so that they don’t make the same mistake again.