Yvan Flores

If you’re into skateboarding and want a skateboard or skate brand clothing go buy at the Uprise Skate shop. The Skate shop is located at 1820 N. Milwaukee Ave and that has been around since the 1990’s.

Uprise hasn’t been to date visually, but the new renovation that Vans Skate Brand did has helped remodel the shop to a more modern area to shop. The workers there are very nice and helpful on informing you about the items in the shop.

The shop is open from 12PM through 7PM on Monday through Saturday so you have to get there to get what you need. Their website also keeps you updated on the special events that they have for the shop which is pretty cool. They also update their website with products that they sale from shoes, skateboards, clothing, and movies.

The skate shop is way better than Zumiez because they actually assist you with making decision on what you want to purchase. There more experienced and have knowledge with skate equipment. However the shop is pricey, but it is a interesting place to go visit.  Uprise is a well clean and organize, a cool place to hang out and skate. 

I recommend this place for people who loves the skateboarding life and the styles of their favorite skateboarders. This place can support you as a sponsor to become a pro skater for their team or for other skate companies.