What is SRB?


William Hernandez

Soccer Raider Brigade is a soccer team composed of a handful of friends at Phoenix Military Academy and a few out of PMA as well. They are a  group of friends who play soccer at various places and have competed against other people, but it was not an  official game.

The original members of SRB were juniors Derrick Flores, Aldo Rojas, Steven Mamahua, Jason Lua, Christopher Aleman, Michael Hernandez, Rodolfo Lopez, and William Hernandez.

So kidding around they said they were going to start a soccer team and name it SRB. However, somehow  they  ended up starting an actual team at Chitown Futbol, an indoor soccer facility.

“I wanted to name the team ‘Galacticos’, but we came up with something else,” said Rojas.

Their  hopes were higher than any skyscraper in the world. They  were told that their  first game would be against a terrible team, who had lost every single game the past season.

The first game was dreadful. SRB was obliterated. The contenders were just bloodthirsty that day.

“That first game bummed me out for a long time, but I kept playing,” said Aleman.

Their first win was not  enough for them, they wanted to make sure others knew there was competition. One goal wasn’t enough. Three or four wasn’t either. We lost 13-1.

The rest of the season didn’t look any better unfortunately. Although, they still did had a great experience.

Considering that they didn’t really have a goalie, had  never played as a team at an indoor  facility, and it was their first time playing a season, they did not expect much.. The team did not even have uniforms, so they tried wearing all black so that it sort of looked like they were matching. They also did not have practice or a coach, it was self-directed.

In the end they received the “Team Fair Play of the Year” award. It is awarded to the one team who displayed the most sportsmanship on the field. It wasn’t a championship trophy, but it was a start.

“Much more than I ever expected,”said  Flores.

The season just started again and their first game was against the team who destroyed them for their debut last year. They came back twice as strong, but they were not  going to leave without a win. It was a difficult game, but they won 5-3.

They have  recruited a few members to see how it might turn out and the team is slowly growing. Victory is for their taking this season.