Rising Seniors Take On Minds Matter

Yvonne Flores , Editor

Whenever there’s a great opportunity given, the class of 2017 does not hesitate  to grab it. As juniors, seniors Daisy Bucio and Eduardo Brito both had the chance to have a mentor throughout their junior year through Minds Matter at Roosevelt University. These cadets were eligible, like many others through an application process that required necessary documents to be apart of the program.

“The requirements for this program were our transcripts, an essay about something we overcame or made us the person we are today, and a phone interview,” said Bucio.

During their junior year they got twice the help that most students had, having a mentor guide you to prepare for the ACT and college necessities for senior year.

“Yes, the program actually offers a lot of great opportunities. From ACT prep, getting assistance and advice from your mentors on multiple things, and best of all get to experience the college life for a couple of weeks every summer,” said Brito.

These rising seniors were still apart of the Minds Matter throughout the summer. Every Saturday morning since the summer after their freshmen year they have commuted downtown and stayed from 10am to 2:30pm in the afternoon to meet  with their mentors and discuss plans after their senior year applications for college programs.

“Minds Matters is a program in which we have two hours of ACT prep and 2 hours with our mentors. Each student receives two mentors and these mentors help fill summer program applications, personal statements, or anything else related to school. We are also given  the opportunity to participate in college summer programs with paid tuition/ transportation, and are given a stipend as well,” said senior Bucio.