Election Day Aftermath

David Marroquin

After a year and a half of debate and controversy, the United States has finally confirmed the next president. Despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, the electoral college voted for Donald J. Trump to become the 45th president of the country. Trump won the election by receiving 290 votes while Clinton received 232.

People all across the country could not believe the results. Trump’s presidential campaign was viewed as a joke by many, but that joke has now become a reality. Great fear was present everywhere from LGBT members, undocumented immigrants, and women. This fear arose from the many negative comments and planned proposals that Trump has for these group of people.

“I think it sucks for undocumented people because they’ve put in a lot of hard work, and now they won’t be able to go to college because they will be sent back to their country. For LGBT members, I think it sucks how last year a law was passed for them to get married and now that Trump is elected, they probably won’t be able to get married,” said senior Yvan Flores.

Trump is yet to enter office and there already has been many protests against him all across the U.S. with people expressing their anger and frustration. Trump’s election has also caused more societal issues for minorities, since there will be individuals who will be more openly racist. These factors are now causing the country to be more divided.

Recently, when Trump was interviewed about his plans for the country, he stated that he is alright with same sex marriage and while he wishes to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, he is only aiming to those with a criminal record. This has led to confusion on whether Trump will truly live up to what he said in his campaign. Some people even believe that he said the things he did in order to get the vote of Republicans.

“I thought that throughout his campaign he had a different approach to his rhetoric, and I don’t feel like he believed in most of the things that he said. So, he said all of this because he knew many people in this country are racist, so if he said something ignorant, people would vote for him. And now that he has been elected, he will be more cautious because of the repercussions,” said senior Sammy Ortega.

Trump enters office in  January where he wishes to protect American workers, impose term limits on Congress, and to restore rule of law as his first plans as president. The best benefit that has came from Trump’s selection as president so far is that Russia are now allies of the U.S. It is not known whether Trump will have a change of heart on certain topics but only in office will people see what Trump has in store for America.