Maria Reyes

After 108 long years, the Chicago Cubs achieved success once more this season. The Chicago Cubs played against the Cleveland Indians. These two teams had to go to the seventh game due to the back to back ties and an inconsistent games won from the Cleveland Indians. There are many huge Cubs fans at  Phoenix that were really excited and nervous to find out who would end up winners.

“I was never a big fan of the Cubs or baseball, but I totally supported them since they are from Chicago and hoped for them to win. If the Cubs won, I thought before the game, this would really make the city of Chicago look good. Especially since lately Chicago has stood out for our high murder rates and violence,” said senior Yareli Soto.

Even though many students at Phoenix are not into baseball, they supported their hometown team. They watched games and became really hyped about these games.On the other side, there were also people that have been Cubs fan since they were young.

“I’m a huge Cubs fan and the final game became very intense when the Cubs were tied 6-6 vs. Indians. Then, I became even more nervous when the game was delayed due to the weather,”said senior Francisco Franco.

Phoenix cadets along with others around the city of Chicago watched for hours to find out which team would become the 2016 World Series winners. A lot of people supported the Cubs after they won. Many went to the Cubs parade that took place on November 4th, 2016,where millions gathered  in downtown Chicago to welcome the Cubs team after their last game in Cleveland and their victory.