You Shouldn’t Pass La Pasadita

Haidy Delgado

There are so many Mexican restaurants located in Chicago that it can become overwhelming when choosing to eat. La Pasadita is an authentic mexican taqueria located on 1140 N Ashland Ave, in Chicago, IL. It is a family owned restaurant that was established in 1976.

From the outside the restaurant seems like any old, regular building with yellow paint, and honestly the inside doesn’t seem special either. When you walk in, you order your food, sit, and wait for the food to come, again nothing too special.

La Pasadita keeps their menu simple, they only serve 5 types of tacos, 5 types of burritos, and drinks (along with some extras such as, limes, guacamole, etc). Everything on the menu is $10 or under, with tacos starting at $2.50 each.

The price range for the tacos seemed a little expensive when I first went there, but once I took that first bite out of the taco I realized it was worth it. But that is what they are most known for, their delicious, mouth watering tacos They serve hungry customers tacos everyday.

Although the price for the tacos seemed a little too high, in the end it was worth having those mouthwatering tacos. The restaurant keeps it simple with both their appearance, and menu, but the taste of the food is definitely makes up for it. La Pasadita should undoubtedly not be passed because the food is amazing, and it’s a definite 4 out of 5 stars.