The End of The 4 Year Curse

Bryan Sanchez

At Phoenix Military Academy, the curse of the four year losing streak for the 16 inch Softball team has been broken on September 6- 2016.

The team has been practicing much more than ever before. Because of them practicing during the summer, they were able to achieve their first win and even accomplish  conference champions.

In front of Phoenix, aside the retirement home, there is a huge lot that contains big grass. In order to practice, the coach of the softball team, Craig Griffin, spent more than 2 hours mowing the grass. The long hours of mowing was well worth it because the Phoenix Softball team has never ever been better before.

“We needed a place to practice, so I sacrificed my time to mow a huge land of grass so we can practice,” said Griffin.

Coach Griffin has been teaching softball for only two years, Those years being at  Phoenix. With Griffin’s coaching strategies, the team managed to hit a softball harder and farther than any other softball team at Phoenix.

“It is an honor to have the Sanchez twins back on the team. With them and the team captain, Louie Martinez  helping, we won our first game against Orr. At first, my team was scared, but we managed to pull through and break the curse,” said Griffin.

Not only has captain Martinez been practicing with the softball team, he has been practicing by himself too. He usually practice sprinting and pitching.

“I hope next year’s freshman are as good as the ones we have now. Before I graduate, I would like to win the softball championship and prove that not only did we break the curse, but we can achieve greater things,” said Martinez.