The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation

Sammy Ortega

”They’re waiting on something. They’re waiting on us” is a quote Nat’s role in the Birth of a Nation, and now they are waiting on us to give the movie a try.

Nate Parker’s film was interpreted in many different ways. Some saw it as a reenactment of a moment in history while others viewed it as a political statement.

The Birth of a Nation might have been one of the most underrated theater flicks in 2016. It wasn’t the typical story line where the good guy saves his hometown and survives.

The cliche did not exist, but maybe because it was based off of historical events! The ratings weren’t the highest, but not because it was an average movie. Let’s be real with each other! Anytime some form of entertainment becomes political people become disinterested.

The main character portrays the leader of the slave rebellion in Virginia known as “Nat Turner.” His depiction was fairly accurate and the movie did a great job making the audience sympathize  with a character in history that’s often frowned upon as a killer.

The movie hit a lot of rocky moments where it seemed as if the fluff would never end. Besides the lack of action in the beginning of the movie, the end depicted the rebellion lead by many black slaves as a 300 battle scene!

This movie is a great source for anyone attempting to find out more about the slave rebellions in an eye appealing way.

On a scale of 1-5, this movie is rated a 4, the political statement was well done and not cliche. The only real negative of the movie was how long it took to catch the viewer’s attention.