Should Homework Be Banned?

Angelica Risper


Many students have their different opinions on homework. Some students have to take the bus to and from school, which can take about an hour each, leaving little time for homework. Which can consume time for students who already don’t have enough time to do homework because of how tried they are from the long day.

 “We have to be engaged in school for 6-8 hours, and we might even have extra curricular activities which can take up to 2 hours. Lastly, we must go home and do homework, that can take up to three hours, where is our free time?,” said senior Bryan Sanchez.

Homework can be a beneficial tool to help students apply certain concepts to what they have learned. Some teachers believe this is the best exercise to ensure that students are learning the right concepts.

Although students do not like homework, many understand why they receive it.

Homework is beneficial because it provides us with more knowledge on what we need to know to pass exams and such,” said Sanchez.

Some people say homework is pointless because students do enough work in school and they don’t need more to do. Students would like to just relax after a long day rather than work again.

As much as students do not like homework, it is not possible to ban it altogether. Students need to realize that the point of homework has nothing to do with teachers making it hard on them, or cutting time from their personal lives. The concept of homework is for practice, and with practices makes perfect.