Schwinn Solara Road Bike

Schwinn Solara Road Bike

William Hernandez

Looking for a brand new bike? One that is reliable for hundreds of miles, easy to find, attractive, and for a  price on a budget? Then the Schwinn Solara Road bike is probably for you.

    Schwinn offers a lifetime warranty for all of it’s bikes. If you get in a crash or somehow end up throwing your bike off a 10 story building, well Schwinn’s lifetime warranty has you covered.

    It’s useful for your hardcore training or maybe even just cruising around the city. The bike offers a steel frame, Aluminum Alloy wheels, Shimano 14 speed A050 shifters, Shimano rear derailleur for fast and easy transitions, and alloy caliper brakes for when you’re burning rubber.

    Although the bike is great overall, it does have a few faults  as well. I’ve popped my tires dozens of times and having to buy a new inner tube and replacing it isn’t any fun. I recommend purchasing Continental GatorSkin tires to avoid punctures and also Slime Self-Sealing Inner Tubes. The new tires are durable and difficult to penetrate when you face glass or nails on the city streets. The new inner tubes will allow small punctures to self seal while you’re riding so that it doesn’t ruin a perfect biking day.

    The bike can be found at Target and Walmart which is very convenient. If for some reason it’s not in stock then you can always order it online to either pick up at the store or be delivered to your home. The bike’s retail price is  $199.99 which isn’t too bad considering what similar bikes go for, the parts it contains, and the lifetime warranty which not many bikes offer. I highly recommend this bike due to the price and quality. I rate it as  5.   bike2