Ready for College?

Emmanuel Ruiz

As graduation gradually nears, having to prepare for college life is at the top of seniors’ priorities. Having a plan after high school is crucial for a student’s success. So, just how successful are some of Phoenix’s seniors are expected to be?

Life after Phoenix is something that has been emphasized to students by many people in a numerous amount of ways. Whether they are getting advice from the school provided mentors while completing college applications or doing their independent studies, students have been focusing on plans after Phoenix. The independent studies students have regarding the college application process will definitely compensate them in the future, but for now can take a toll on them, especially during their senior year.

Being successful does not always mean having a specific plan. Accomplishing tasks now in order to better your future is also a successful thing to do. Many students are not sure what they want to pursue, but they do know that they want to continue their studies.

“Right now I’m applying to colleges to continue with my education,” said senior Diego Reyna.

Reyna is not necessarily sure what he wants to study in college, but he is sure that he wants to continue his education and get a college degree. Regardless of the fact that he is not sure what he wants to study, he is still applying for colleges and working to improve his future.

Although there are some students such as Reyna who are not sure what they want to pursue in college, there are students who have a specific plan and know what they must do to accomplish it. .

“I feel really tired and stressed. This has been one of my toughest schools years, but I’m super excited,” said senior Fabian Patino.

Having took numerous AP courses during high school, achieving one of the best ACT scores in the school, and planning to study medicine in college, stress is something Patino should be used to. The amount of hard work and dedication Patino contributes now will result in greater success.

“Take school very seriously, because this is what’s going to decide what you do in the future. Be calm and enjoy life, but remember that you need to put school first,” said Patino.

Seniors are taking into consideration not only what they’re doing now in high school, but what they want after high school as well. Taking these steps to prepare for life after high school now is vital.